To build 150 housing in an old parking lot
Paris (in progress)


Hotel for Projects and Kindergarten
Rennes (in progress)


Reorganization of Michelin's international headquarters
Clermont Ferrand (in progress)

Grande Halle

Renovation of industrial premises into a third place
Caen (in progress)

Une Diagonale

Documentary film

Pavillon Circulaire

Pavilion demonstrating the possibilities of material reuse
Paris 2015


Emergency board for the Nuit Blanche 2015
Paris 2015

Salle des Fêtes

Cultural venue along the Tarn river
Albi (in progress)

Ciné 32

Movie theater
Auch 2012

Les Ateliers Médicis

A prefigurating cultural venue
Clichy-sous-Bois (in progress)

Passage miroir

Artistic installation
Paris 2016

House of the Laughing Cow

Scenography for the House of The Laughing Cow
Lons-le-Saunier 2018

Hutchinson 507 – Fab House

Innovation and training center
Chalette-sur-Loing 2015

Jamaica, Jamaica !

Exhibition scenography
Paris 2017


Museum of Urban and Social history
Suresnes 2013

Petit Bain

Floating cultural venue
Paris 2011

The Lives of Garbage

Exhibition scenography
Marseille 2017

Salon Chéret

Co-working space
Paris 2015

Matière Grise

Exhibition curator and scenographer
Paris 2014

Pôle Max Jacob

Public cultural venue
Quimper 2015

Wagon Jeux

A kids' playground at La Friche Belle de Mai
Marseille 2013


Innovation center for Saint Gobain Research
Aubervilliers 2011

Train Exhibition

Itinerant scenography
France 2009


Comfortable micro-architecture that can be dismantled
Bordeaux 2006


Ephemeral swings
Luxembourg 2014

Table Hamac

Siesta furniture
Chamarande 2012


Emergency housing prototype
Beijing, China 2018

Babel Kit

Cardboard hut

Miettes de Paradis

Curating and scenography
Timisoara, Romania 2011

Under the Bridge

Columns of mirroring balloons
Paris 2005

Pisteur Magenta

Signage for bicycle paths
Paris 2005

Under the Zebra

Herd of flying zebras
Paris 2004

Dromad Air

Travelling company
Bruxelles 2003


Urban and scenographic planning for an international event
Le Bourget 2015


An inhabited bridge
Paris 2015

La Piscine

Artistic and cultural venue
Saint-Denis 2012

Maison des Danses

Danse municipal center
Bordeaux 2012

Herbes Folles

Artificial nature
Paris 2001