What if the exact opposite of a picnic was a nap?

For the Salons exhibition managed by Coal at the Chamarande Commune, we offered to work on a structure with the materials at hand. The park has around a hundred picnic tables which serve as the main piece of furniture designed for visitors. These rustic and traditional quite simplistic tables contrast with the general look in the wonderful garden with century-old trees.

The “Hammock-table” setting has a newfound purpose: in little handling, the table can be converted into a comfortable piece of furniture where you can nap.

With a 180° shift, the wooden structure becomes both the support and the framework the hammock is suspended to. The hammock is therefore stretched between the legs of the table and consolidated by the addition of timber rafters from the Domain Forest logging. Some pieces are joined with the same technique than the one used for the table, although it is painted in bright red.

The furniture can be put into a table in an instant with an easy move, in addition to the lesser material use. With limited resources, one can take a nap in the shade.



  • Name : Table Hamac
  • Client : Domaine Départemental of Chamarande + COAL Association
  • Place : Chamarande
  • Mission : Full
  • Budget : 11 000 €
  • Architects : Encore Heureux