Behind a frontage that refers to the cinema of the 20th Century, lies five digital projection rooms.

The technological upgrade gave Ciné 32 association the opportunity to pursue their action of broadcasting all kind of movies to a broad public, by grounding it in a brand new cinema on the old site of the Spanish barrack of Auch. After the establishment of a structure dedicated to the Circus Arts, building Ciné 32 is a way to keep up the cultural vocation of this new area of the city.

Instead of a massive infrastructure, we wished to give the feeling of a collection of smaller cinema, put side to side. By using a slatted wooden-cladding of herringbone pattern arranged we offer a reinterpretation of the old frontage with pediments. The last of the six volumes is dedicated to the vast entrance hall, bathed in natural light thanks to the glass-roof.

With a bar, workshops dedicated to the youth and exhibition space, Ciné 32 is a lively and down-to-earth space as a counterpoint to the dark rooms.


  • Name : Ciné 32
  • Client : Association Ciné 32
  • Place : Auch
  • Date : 2012
  • Mission : Full
  • Surface : 2 700 m²
  • Budget : 3.5 M€
  • Architects : Encore Heureux
  • Team : EVP (structure) + Innovation Fluides (fluids) + ATEC (economist) + David Sist (OPC) + Orythie (acoustic) + Bonnefrite (graphism and signage) + Qualiconsult (SPS)
  • Photographers : Sébastien Normand + Adélaîde Maisonabe