Singular and modest, the Circular Pavilion is certainly not round: the name solely refers to the fabrication process that brought it to existence, following the principles of the circular economy.

Standing on the place of the Hôtel de Ville at the heart of Paris on the occasion of the COP 21, this pavilion is an architectural experiment on the reuse of construction materials. The frontage is cladded with 180 doors meant to be thrown after the restoration of a HBM building in Paris 19th arrondissement. The mineral wool used for the interior insulation was removed from a supermarket roof when they restored it. The elements of the wooden structure are left-overs from the construction of a retirement home. The floors and inside walls are made of exhibition panels while the duckboards of the outside terrace comes from the organization of Paris Plage. For the inside furnitures, fifty wooden chairs were collected from the Parisian recycling centers, restored and painted and the ceiling lights come from the public lighting stocks.

For the three months it will stand in front of the Hôtel de Ville, this Circular Pavilion will welcome an exhibition, lectures and meetings.


  • Name : Pavillon Circulaire
  • Client : Pavillon de l'Arsenal
  • Place : Paris
  • Date : 2015
  • Mission : Full
  • Surface : 70 m²
  • Budget : 150 000 €
  • Architects : Encore Heureux
  • Team : Tribu (HQE) + Bonnefrite (hand drawing) + Camping Design (graphism)
  • Photographers : Cyrus Cornut + Florence Morisson (during construction)


Hôtel de Ville, Paris, France