We were invited by the French Cultural Center in Timisoara to commission the fifth edition of Surexpositions (Overexposure), an event around French and Romanian photography. We entitled our project “Miettes de Paradis” (Slice of Heaven) and laid out simple rules.

Rather than expose works from previous artists, we decided to go with four young photographers and challenged them to put up an exhibition in seven days: France was represented by Cindy Lelu and Magali Paulin whereas Romania was represented by Loredana Bruma and Stefan Tuchila. These photographers all discovered Timisoara for the first time and wandered around the city looking for clues to snapshot. They each provided us with their own slice of heaven. How does it show? Is it possible to collect fragments of the city with the eye of a foreigner, in so little time?

The old pink plasterboards leaned on the wall set the right mood for this series of pictures stuck to the wall and printed with a laser copier.

Easy and quick to set up, the scenography used materials that were later used for charity constructions.

The inventory is only partial: this exhibition is an experience to share, a training that would assume the origin of heaven is found in the eye of the beholder, especially those who do look at the city and its inhabitants.

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  • Name : Miettes de Paradis
  • Client : French Cultural Institute + Dédale association
  • Place : Timisoara, Romania
  • Date : 2011
  • Mission : Full
  • Budget : 5 000 €
  • Team : Encore Heureux + Cindy Lelu, Magali Paulin, Loredana Bruma, Stefan Tuchila


Bulevardul Constantin Diaconovici Loga 44, Timișoara, Roumanie