Located under the bridge of the ring road between Paris and Saint-Ouen, the Porte de Montmartre is looking for a new identity and branding. The neighbourhood is lively thanks to the Biffins Market thrice a week.

Mirror Crossing or Passage Miroir attempts to redefine the crossing’s territory. Enrolled in the course of the project Reconquête Urbaine (Urban redevelopment), Polau, the laureate of the participatory budget of the City of Paris in 2014 aims to highlight the potential of the Porte de Montmartre by redefining the crossing connecting Paris and Saint-Ouen while taking into account the diverse purpose of the site, whether actual or to come.

It offers a new lighting, setting and framing, therefore giving a constrasting and fresh esthetic to the place. The set up outlines and emphasizes the Carré des Biffins. Now a true Parisian crossing, it encloses the desolate ring road’s structure with its wooden Douglas construction, ornated by a mirror molding. The mirrors were collected thanks to the partnership with the Bulky waste collection of the City of Paris in a circular economy approach and a reusal of materials.



  • Name : Passage Miroir
  • Client : Ville de Paris
  • Place : Ville de Paris
  • Set delivery : 2017
  • Mission : Conception - Realisation
  • Surface : 400 m²
  • Budget : 145 000 €
  • Architects : Encore Heureux
  • Builder : Cruard Charpente


Bd Périphérique, 75018 Paris, France