Overhead a herd of zebras galope in the wind. five hundred helium-filled balloons are suspended at a height of four metres. Our intervention is necessarily light to respect the environment of the park. It can be put up and taken down within a few hours and accompanies festival-goers, providing them with shade and a constantly moving ceiling.

Performers mingle with the crowd – throughout the day their improvisations link zebras and public while revealing and promoting the park’s activities: trips, games, sporting activities, relaxation.

The graphic and appealing herd mark the opening and closing of the 2004 edition of the festival.



  • Name : Sous les Zèbres
  • Client : Sous La Plage Festival
  • Place : Parc A. Citroën, Paris
  • Date : 2004
  • Mission : Full
  • Surface : 1 000 m²
  • Budget : 8 000 €
  • Architects : Encore Heureux + Cie l'Abribus