Associated to Archi5, Encore Heureux won the Paris Habitat competition for the construction of 70 social housing to rent and 72 housing to buy on the site of the old Renaud garage built at the center of Ilôt, located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

For the latter housing, we decided to maintain a part of the preexisting concrete structure to design buildings, with apartments ranging from 1 to 5 rooms.

The installation of these buildings into the original structure of the parking lot allowed us to preserve the gains regarding the prospect rules, to reduce the cost of construction, to reduce at most the noise pollution from the demolition for the residents and more importantly to avoid the scrapping of 10 000 tons of unnecessary waste.


  • Name : Jaurès
  • Client : Paris Habitat
  • Place : Paris
  • Set delivery : 2018
  • Mission : ESQ to PC
  • Surface : 5 200 m²
  • Budget : 9 M€
  • Architects : Encore Heureux + Archi5 (mandataires)
  • Team : EVP (structure) + B52 (fluids) + Atelier Roberta (landscapers) + Cap Horn (acoustics) + Ateve (VRD) + ATEEC (economist) + Albert & Compagnie (HQE)