France will be host to the world during the COP 21 to be held in December 2015,  the 21st meeting on the issue of global warming.

It is a challenge to design the settings that will organize the 150 000 m² of the Bourget’s site, while reconciling ecological and budgetary exemplariness and providing to the 45 000 participants optimal living conditions, so they will be able to efficiently focus on their core tasks : to speak, to convince, to engage the people and interest they represent, to conclude.

A large forecourt marks the entrance. Planted with a forest of national flags, it introduces the visitor to the necessity of a shared conference. A large and covered street will be the main circulation artery and will connect the halls and temporary constructions to ease the circulations.

We sought to develop a project that reflects the importance of the issues addressed by the COP 21. That is why we decided to mostly use modular and rentable construction units, easily be reusable. Or choose to use preferentially timber sustainably and locally produced and keep the carbon footprint of the event as low as possible. That is also why we developed new technics and processes to improve the thermal and acoustic insulations. And choose to build a plenary room that could entirely be taken apart and rebuild on another site.

Costed and planned; warmly welcoming and lively; effective, simple and comfortable: this High Human Quality Project satisfies the lofty ambitions and ethics that are fundamental to such a global event.



  • Name : COP21
  • Client : General Secretary for COP21 + Europe and Foreign Affair Department
  • Place : Le Bourget
  • Date : 2015
  • Mission : Preliminary design + Feasibility studies
  • Architects : Encore Heureux + Construire
  • Team : Elioth (engineers) + Quattrolibri (HQE)


Unnamed Road, 93440 Dugny, France