The concept: to highlight the new cycle lane to avoid conflicts between slowed down cyclists and upset pedestrians. With the new development of the Boulevard Magenta, the cycle lanes situated on the pavement are not clearly identified by the habitual pedestrians. During the necessary period of reciprocal adjustment, we have designed a continuous mark which represents passing bikes. Three white bike tyre marks interweave along the length of the lane, interrupted only at crossroads. For the test part, we have created a manual machine with a reservoir of paint and ink pads which print the motif on to the track.



  • Name : Pisteur Magenta
  • Client : Paris 10th arrondissement townhall
  • Place : Paris
  • Date : 2005
  • Mission : Full
  • Surface : 600 m
  • Budget : 3 000 €
  • Team : Encore Heureux + F. Delon + S. Misslen + L. De Staël